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Dormancy (2)

Thanks for your reply, I was answering a request. The dormancy I have mentioned has been discovered after many years of research. This includes the subconscious and the conscious working in unison. We see variations of this in many forms of life when needed. ‘The Monarch butterfly, the cuckoo when it changes the colour of its egg’ these adjustments suit the particular species, but proves a connection. Expand on this; make the connection universal and you get the balance in nature, plus many answers that until now have been beyond our reach. Sleep gives this connection a more definitive target.
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Traits are passed down from ancestors; sleep allows the dormancy, (trait) to function independently while still retaining quantum information. All life has this dormancy which can operate while conscious too, but not as often. The dreams we have, are sometimes controlled by our emotional experience, but most of the time they operate independently. This is why it is difficult to separate the two. It is this dormancy that connects life enabling it to evolve as one entity, and explains the variety, plus the balance in nature.


I am not a physicist but I have a question about dimensions.
I read that we have more than 1 dimension and we are living in the dimension of time. Thus our time is relative. Is it possible for us to live in a different dimension or are we living in them and we are unaware?
Plus would that change our perception of time if we had to live in another dimension ?

Concept to demonstrate

I was referring to evolution and all it contains as one entity.
If all the information was distributed through out the universe, where would evolution go ?
My line of work has taken me where Penrose perhaps had never been.
When I asked you to explain the balance in nature, you only mentioned the base that drives towards complexity. What I was asking for is how that complexity works ?

Energy (4)

I do not agree that dark energy is intelligent and that we could converse with it.
Intelligence uses energy and not the other way around.
Could you explain using Penrose’s thesis, how you think evolution works?
Quantum information is always contained in a single entity, and not in the entire universe. That’s where we disagree. This is where Penrose is mistaken.