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Concept to demonstrate

I was referring to evolution and all it contains as one entity.
If all the information was distributed through out the universe, where would evolution go ?
My line of work has taken me where Penrose perhaps had never been.
When I asked you to explain the balance in nature, you only mentioned the base that drives towards complexity. What I was asking for is how that complexity works ?

Energy (4)

I do not agree that dark energy is intelligent and that we could converse with it.
Intelligence uses energy and not the other way around.
Could you explain using Penrose’s thesis, how you think evolution works?
Quantum information is always contained in a single entity, and not in the entire universe. That’s where we disagree. This is where Penrose is mistaken.

Energy (3)

Surely Penrose’s proto-conscience, if true, has always been, even at the beginning of life and before. I was referring to energy changes within the boundaries of evolution, where changes come from the mass, not the energy; the energy is there to serve. Adapt this correlation to dark energy and you get mass in selective control ; not intelligent. Hoffman’s work concurs with these findings. Life does not see accurately and to change the format that is clearly displayed in evolution, is steering away from the facts. Proto-consciousness suggests an intelligence that could not have existed knowing these facts. Explain the balance in nature ; your way. Your beliefs are misguiding .

Energy (2)

Could you please explain proto consciousness with the balance in nature ? To say that there are different types of energy does not mean you can flaunt the laws of nature.
Certainly energy changes but only when governed by ELS (emotional level syndrome) Penrose’s proto consciousness when applied to the beginning of evolution, would not fit. Intelligence is its own master.
What I am tying to explain is, dark energy is not controlling, it is controlled. If evolution is telling us anything it is that mass controls, it just appears that dark energy is the progenitor, but nothing could be further from the truth.


Of course dark energy is the source of intelligence, energy is the source of everything. This does not mean energy possesses an intelligence able to converse. We converse with energy already. The genome is a good example, its ability to fluctuate is the result of energy governed by biological means. The species know what the species need, the same applies to energy ; it is there to be used. Like before, if energy possessed intelligence and was able to communicate in an intelligent way, then it would destroy purpose; in the same way that if all life attained the same level of intellect, it too would destroy purpose. When you deify energy you are misplacing its use.
The same excuse is used to explain the balance in nature, which I have explained can be told in another more factual way, with facts to substantiate it.
You refer to Sir Roger Penrose’s proto-conscience. The proto-conscience is to me just energy,  I don’t understand why we have to connect it specifically to intelligence; energy is connected to everything. The way I have described evolution and its source of intelligence is ample reason to doubt your view. Energy is used and not conversed with in the way it is represented. Many of our greatest scientists have occasionally got it wrong, this may also apply to Penrose. Our divide is so big, we will never be able to compromise. I think that your beliefs are guiding you and are not the reality. I can’t debate when there are no facts to what you say; with no facts, we can go on debating forever.

Why to stop ?

Hello, I wasn’t going to write anymore, I think it’s time for you to have some respite, but your last answer weighs heavily on my mind. Does the system design the energy or does the energy design the system? On this you disagree,but maybe both formats apply. The genome designs the system; the system goes on to design the genome when mutations are needed. That is the only way that nature can evolve with design; any other way and intelligent life could not exist, all would be extinct. (Propagation) Energy whether it’s dark or any other, if we could communicate with it, there would be no more mysteries and no purpose, without purpose there would be no reason for intelligent life to exist.
I await your reply, but forgive me if I don’t answer, we are both on different thoughts and perhaps it’s better to leave it for now. Many thanks, you have been inspirational.